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In January 2012, Chairs, Vice Chairs and CEOs from the majority of GTA England member GTAs made a commitment in principle to join the GTA England Collaborative Contracting Consortium. The meeting resolved that there would be an ‘advance pilot’ in Year 1, 2012-13, with a further, larger number of GTAs joining the consortium in Year 2.The Year 1 pilot is underway, with 3 GTA members and a collective contract of £4.2 million. Consortium members have articulated the benefits of collaborative working (see the foreword from Ian Harper in the attached Prospectus). It is also likely that there will be an opportunity for GTAs in the wider network to engage with the Consortium by applying for surplus funds in the Adult Skills budget at the end of quarter two. We attach a guidance paper on this and will write to you separately about the application and due diligence process.

The time has come to invite applications to join the consortium in Year 2. Following Ian Harper’s letter inviting member GTAs to indicate their interest, we have received both positive and negative responses. We felt it was important still to send out this invitation to the whole network, so that you are all aware of what we are doing, and so that you are aware of the opportunity to apply for any surplus funding available after the end of quarter two, as the due diligence process is the same. Accordingly, you will find attached the Collaborative Contracting Consortium Prospectus for 2013-14, together with an application form. You will see from the Prospectus that the timescale for the receipt of completed applications and assembly of due diligence evidence is 31 January 2013. Evidence will be reviewed in site visits.

Members of the Consortium Board will be happy to talk to you about their experience so far, and to respond to any queries you may have. Their contact details are:

Alan Gildersleve
Bedford Training Group
(01234) 843 804
Ian Harper (Chairman)
ATG Training
(01296) 737 800
Linsey Temple
Gloucestershire Engineering Training
(01452) 423 461

Please do get in touch if we can help with your application in any way. We look forward to hearing from you.

Mark Maudsley
Chief Executive Officer
GTA England

M: 07837 832996
T: (01254) 54659

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