Archives for April 2014

A warm welcome to Derwent Training Association…and a little about them…

Derwent Training Association was founded in 1988 by a consortium of innovative industry leaders, we grew from a need to improve and maintain high quality, industry led training in partnership with employers and other providers. The Association has … [Read more...]

GTA England visits Downing Street in Apprenticeship Week

Two learners accompanied GTA England to Downing Street as part of the National Apprenticeship Week celebrations. Engineering apprentices Sara Underwood, aged twenty-one, from Rolls-Royce, and Craig Eccles, 19-year-old Paradigm employee, were among … [Read more...]

GTA England Members’ Day at Aston UTC in Birmingham was a resounding success …

45 people attended the event, held at the Aston University Engineering Academy so that we could all see – and try out – the Formula One in Schools track for real. Andrew Denford’s presentation gave us a real insight into what F1 in schools could … [Read more...]

Using video to develop teaching and learning

We are pleased to report that the Training 2000 Quality Team has agreed to be the first to share their practice in developing teaching and learning through the use of video. Ian Kimberley filmed the training session for our Ofsted event on the … [Read more...]

Join us on our journey to outstanding teaching

We launched the GTA England Journey to Grade One group last April, with an event hosted by Ofsted, which left us in no doubt about what inspectors were looking for with the launch of the new Common Inspection Framework. We invited attendees to form a … [Read more...]

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