A warm welcome to Derwent Training Association…and a little about them…

Derwent Training Association was founded in 1988 by a consortium of innovative industry leaders, we grew from a need to improve and maintain high quality, industry led training in partnership with employers and other providers.

The Association has maintained a ‘not for profit’ position, ensuring a continuous program of reinvestment in cutting edge equipment, training and technology.

Today, based in modern, purpose built facilities in Malton, we have established a first class reputation for the recruitment, training and retention of skilled young engineers and are recognised as a bench mark for excellence and high quality training and business support.

In recent years we have seen demand for our training provision almost double and the area we now cover is from Knaresborough to Bridlington and Whitby to Selby.

DTA General Manager, John Brockett said “We are absolutely delighted to be joining GTA England as we share the same values and concerns. On our own we would have little chance of influencing policy but as a member of GTA England our voice will be heard. We are also looking forward to meeting other members”.

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