Apprenticeship Standards update December 2017

I am delighted to provide an update of progress on the Standards which GTA England, along with its employers, lead.

These include:

  • Engineering Operative at Level 2 which encompasses 6 job roles including: Maintenance; MME; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Fabrication; Materials, Processing, Finishing; and Technical Support. Currently at the Assessment Planning stage. The underpinning qualifications will be available from January 2018 from EAL with the Guilds and Pearson following afterwards.
  • Fabrication. Currently working with the IFA to agree the 2 page Standard. This follows support from 35 companies ranging from 16 to 23,000 employees demonstrating the need for the standard.

In addition,

  •  Mechatronics L3. The Automotive Trailblazer group accepting our recommendation to slightly re-structure the L3 competence qualification.  This amendment sees the creation of “notional pathways” for Mechanical, Electrical/Electronic; Fluid Power; and Medical. Maintaining a multi-skilled mechatronics theme the Standard now sees even greater application to wider range of employers, particularly SMEs.  The GTA England Apprenticeship Standards Steering Group has been asked to continue its input to see the revised qualification structure come to fruition.
  •  Lean manufacturing Operative at Level2. Led by Nissan and TMUK, this standard has application to many employers in the network. The 2 page standard can be found in the members area of the GTA England website.

The Apprenticeship documentation folder in the members area of the GTA England website contains copies of all 2 page standards; the Mechatronics amended L3 competence structure and other papers referenced in the update.

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