Behaviours Quality Improvement update Trevor Alley

You will probably all be aware that behaviours is now a requirement of all new apprenticeships standards.
You may not know that the outcomes of inspections have declined in our sector since September 2017.
Also, a significant contributor to this decline is the lack of acceptable evidence to support the premise that “learners make good progress relative to their starting points”.
Paul Cocker, HMI. spoke at the workshop about behaviours (and progress generally) and commented that providers often present achievement rates (especially timely) as evidence that good progress is being made.
He stated that this is not sufficient evidence that most learners progress from their starting points and that providers should be able to show, on an individual basis, the qualifications and experience that a learner enters an apprenticeship with, and the progress made to enhance their skills, knowledge and behaviours.
At GTA England, we have addressed the behaviours agenda through a members day (in August) .
All documents relating to this event can be found in the Members area of the GTA England website.
Gen2, Rolls-Royce and Babington presented interesting accounts on their approach to behaviours; during which they spoke of a company that they have recruited to help them to track progress made etc.
A group has now been set up to consider how we might provide this evidence. The group will consider lots of resources to establish the GTA England best practice to make available to members. Amongst such resources are several commercially available products including APTEM for which we may be able to secure discounts. Please see the links in the power point presentations for such information.
1) This group aims to provide a central resource for:
Providing information about behaviours for
A) Learners
B) Employers
C) Teaching and assessing staff
2) Providing templates for recording behaviours progress during review
3) Tracking progress
4) Production of a set of shared resources used to develop behaviours
We will shortly be writing to all providers in the GTA group, to ask them to volunteer to donate any of the above resources that might already exist, and then to develop these resources on an ongoing basis.
Please can I urge you to reply to the survey – and to participate in this collaboration?
Also don’t hesitate to get in touch with Trevor should you wish to join the group or 07403 149224

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