BIS Consultation – GTA England Response

In March 2015 BIS issued a consultation paper entitled ‘A dual mandate for adult vocational education.’ The paper outlined what the government had done in this area since coming to power in 2010 around vocational higher education under the themes of funding, institution building and the ownership and development of qualifications, standards and curriculum. The paper then posed a number of questions which BIS requested responses to from interested parties around the future direction of travel in these areas. GTA England provided a comprehensive response to this consultation exercise and a copy of the full response can be found in the member’s area of the GTA England website. We used this consultation as an opportunity to reinforce the message that GTAs continue to work with and effectively support employers in the delivery of adult vocational education and that any future activity should build on this excellent provision and not replicate or replace it. The response stressed the importance of specialisation and the need for provision to be driven by employers and for programmes to be ‘work-focussed’ at all times. GTA England also used the response to encourage government to invest in the promotion of higher level vocational education nationally as a way of addressing the perception of the vocational pathway as somehow being ‘second best’ compared to university attendance. The consultation exercise closed on June 16th and BIS will collate and analyse the responses over the summer.

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