Business opportunity for GTA England members

Through a partnership with Energy and Utility Skills and the EU Skills SME Workplace Support Programme, GTA England members are being given an opportunity to grow Apprenticeship numbers in trades including: Heating engineers, Gas fitters, Plumbers, Electro-mechanical and Artisan trades (bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, plasterers). The total revenue of the scheme is being forecast to be in excess of £90m, with a progressive increase from approx. £2m in year one to over £90m per annum by 2020.

A large, lead employer, wishes to place an apprentice into every SME business trade customer by 2020. The current trade database is over 100,000 businesses UK wide. It is anticipated that the programme will actually achieve 6% to 10% of this figure (namely 6000-10000 apprentices), based on forecasting, by 2020.

The geographical spread will be nationwide and apprentices are anticipated to be relatively evenly spread, but with slightly higher concentrations in the North West, Midlands, North East and Eastern regions.

A pilot for 10 heating engineers / plumbers in the North West/Eastern regions is anticipated to start in November. EU Skills would like to use a GTA England member(s), who is willing to become quality assured, to run the pilot and become integral to the development of this programme.

Nathan Baker, Strategy & Development Director says, “We believe when facilitated through GTA England, GTAs are excellent partners, to provide a number of options for the provision of solutions for training and funding for SME businesses. As such a partnering approach between EU Skills, GTA England and employers is a strong message which demonstrates collaboration and delivery of skills to the SME market.”

Mark Maudsley, GTA England commented, “We are delighted to strike a partnership with EU Skills that benefits SME companies and ensures the business growth of member GTAs. This is the first of a number of business development initiatives for members that will roll-out over the next 6 months.”

Expressions of interest deadline for submission to GTA England is 19th September 2014.

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