EAL Partnership

Members attending the workshops on the value of professional registration and End Point Assessment (EPA), will recall that we are currently scoping out various models of how this could work in practice with EAL and Semta Group.

The principle plays to the strengths of the respective organisations: EAL as a specialist awarding organisation; and GTAs high quality and competence providing national coverage. Under licence to EAL, it also meets our objective of an EPA service ‘’for members by members’’.

A working group including EAL/Semta Group and members in the GTA England Apprenticeship Standards Steering group will be established which will define the models including: design principles, assessment methodologies; roles & responsibilities; service levels agreements; costings etc.

The working group aims to meet to scope out the above in September in order to develop a firm proposal which could then be presented subsequently to respective Executive teams and Boards for approval.

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