Exclusive offer from EAL

For the third year, EAL (Excellence, Achievement & Learning) are delighted to be supporting the GTA England Conference. As the specialist, employer-recognised awarding organisation for engineering and manufacturing qualifications, we value working in partnership with GTAs as key delivery partners and GTA England as a strategic partner. Our collaborations enable us to continually develop our understanding of industry needs, ensuring our qualifications, services and support fulfil your needs, bridge the skills gaps and provide opportunities for your learners to reach their highest potential. Currently, EAL are in the final stages of development of an e-learning package, designed to support the delivery of the knowledge aspect of three mandatory units from PEO L2. These also meet with the Trailblazer Employer Units of Competence requirements that are derived from the current NOS, ensuring the materials have long- term value. The benefit to the GTA group is learners are able to complete online modules including mini tests and an end synoptic test. This results in reduced delivery time for staff and offers learners a new interactive environment to develop and shape their knowledge.

The modules map to the following units:

  • Working Safely in an Engineering Environment (QPEO2/001)
  • Carrying out engineering activities efficiently and effectively (QPEO2/002)
  • Using and Communicating Technical Information (QPEO2/003)


  • Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements
  • Using and Interpreting Engineering Data and Documentation
  • Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering

We are delighted to announce, exclusive to GTA England members, a first-chance access to these on-line learning materials, in a one-month’s special preview prior to full release. You will be among the first to utilise and explore the possibilities of the program and will also receive a substantial discount. We see this as a base to build further on-line learning opportunities and look forward to delivering to GTA members, the beginnings of the perfect on-line learning environment.

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