GTA England 10th Anniversary celebtatory meal – The MTC

It is the tenth anniversary of GTA England in 2019 and to celebrate we are holding an evening Dinner to launch a special publication. Following from the excellent Apprentice Awards celebration, we are holding the event at the MTC, Coventry; don’t worry a hotel including travel to and from the event is also being organised.
(unfortunately we can’t stretch to funding though!)
The theme of the conference is “GTAs: the best of the past and for the future”. There will be a focus on Industry 4.0 and how this will affect all members; as digital technologies become embedded in most operating systems and processes in the home and across the AME sector. We have fantastic guest speakers lined up.
Our biggest strength is our national network of high quality, employer responsive members. To this end we need your brief stories of history but importantly how you are facing the future in having provision to meet employers needs of the 21st century. We also hope to convert some of these into video to show at the Dinner/Conference.

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