GTA England’s thanks to Neil Bates for his ‘unwavering support’

Neil Bates has announced he is stepping down from the Board of GTA England, due to the time commitment of his role as CEO of Prospects College of Advanced Technology.

Lorna Unwin, Chair of GTA England, has thanked Neil, on behalf of the Board of GTA England. Lorna said: ‘The GTA England Board would like to acknowledge the great contribution to the Board and the wider GTA network of Neil Bates, Group Chief Executive of the Prospects Learning Foundation, who has decided to step down from his role as a Board director. Neil was one of the founders of GTA England when it was established in 2009, having also been a Board member of its predecessor organisation, the National Partnership for Employer-Led Training, Chairman of the Association of Learning Providers and of the National Training Federation. As many of you will know, Neil is spearheading the launch of the first incorporated FE college since 1993. Prospects College of Advanced Technology will be a specialist technical college based on the employer-led GTA model. Neil has emphasised that he and his colleagues will continue to be passionate advocates of GTAs and will continue to support GTA England.’

We welcome Neil’s pledge of continued support for GTA England and the GTA network, and Prospects continues in membership.

The Board wished Neil and his staff all the best with developing Prospects as the first of the government’s new incorporated FE colleges. This is a highly significant development for the future of high quality technical education and training, and puts GTAs at the forefront of the government’s strategy.

Neil said: ‘I am pleased to have made a contribution to the formation and development of GTA England. I believe passionately in the work GTAs do and I am glad that through GTA England we have found a voice and some influence.’

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