Highlights of the GTA England Newsletter 27th August 2020

Key contributors this week include inputs by Carolyn Savage, Covid-19 Response Team  Department for Education on the measures introduced for redundant Apprentices; Linsey Temple GET; Terry Weston the Engineering College; and Nigel Morgan H&WGTA on the implications that Covid-19 is having on workforce planning both positively and, well, more challenging. Also to one of our new CEOs, Amanda Towers at Gen2 in sharing the content of the unexpected call from HSE questioning the control measures in place!

  • Support for redundant Apprentices – update from Carolyn Savage

Fuller details of the extensive information provided within the slides can be found in the Members area of the GTA England website.  We were told of the three main pillars of the support:

Support service aims:

  1. Improve our data on furlough and redundancy
  2. Make changes to allow more apprentices to continue with their apprenticeships
  3. Develop a new redundancy service to provide advice and support to apprentice
  • Workforce Planning – Actions being taken in light of the impact of Covid-19 on recruitment and delivery plans:

We had insights into the scenarios at play at GET; H&WGTA; and TEC. These range from outcomes where cost reductions are essential which is resulting in redundancies; reorganisation; refocussing into areas which were smaller but have changed.

This is sparked by recruitment challenges, and other factors, which range from 30% (although a January intake may increase to 56%) to 80%+ from the previous year.

The detail (sensitive in some cases) and discussion can be downloaded from the Members area.

  • Amanda Towers – Gen2

After a warm welcome to Amanda Towers, General Manager at Gen2 who replaces Paul Storey following        retirement, she explained how a call from HSE was received to check on the control measures in place to manage Covid-19.

Amanda has very kindly provided examples of the Gen2 documentation which proved extremely useful in providing as evidence. A reminder that no enforcement actions were established as an outcome of the intervention.

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