Minister visits Gloucestershire Engineering Training (GET)

Matthew Hancock, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Education, Skills and Lifelong Learning, showed a great
deal of interest and support for GTAs in a recent visit to GET.

The Minister watched Apprentices undertake engineering activities in a workshop, before spending time with employers in the boardroom.

The Minister also re-stated his support for the GTA model and acknowledged there are areas of challenge for GTAs. During a Q&A session GTA England raised questions regarding both the amount of funding available to respond to new employer driven standards, (if accepted), and the proposed routing of funding directly to employers. Mr Hancock responded by saying he was
acutely aware of the potential problems of SMEs being discouraged to participate and wants to ensure that doesn’t happen.

We’ll keep you posted on any further developments or if any opportunities arise to participate in discussions considering plans for implementation.

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