NITAL Training Academy to meet the needs of employers

In October of this year GTA England member NITAL Training and Development opened the doors to their new training Academy in Kettering, Northamptonshire.

The academy will train and develop apprentices across a range of engineering disciplines, ensuring each apprentice is trained optimally to the standards required by their employer and industry. In addition to the day release learners there will also be full time attendees, some on Apprenticeships and others on Traineeships.

In recent times it has become abundantly clear the previous day release and full time technical certificate provision in Northamptonshire had not been at the levels NITAL and their employers require for high quality apprenticeships so it was essential this facility was established.

Alan Smith CEO of NITAL has been a driving force behind the project and has overseen it’s development. “For too long NITAL have had to rely upon others for the delivery of technical certificates and unfortunately our expectations and the expectations of our employers has not been met. Due to the levels of our experience, knowledge and ethical approach we knew NITAL had to establish their own training academy to meet the needs of our employers and their apprentices. We have incredibly high standards, good success rates and now a training academy to ensure we can train and development people in the right way”. NITAL have invested significantly in the Academy through their own reserves.

The Academy currently has a range of machine tools, hand tools, fabrication and welding equipment to meet the
demands of the first cohort of day release and full time learners. Over the next year further investment will see the development of fluid power, maintenance, electrical and electronic works shops to ensure service provision is at the levels to meet employer’s needs and to deliver a thorough engineering and manufacturing education to those attending the centre.

Simon Webster, Head of Business and Development, had this to say about the academy “The academy allows us to offer employers engineering and manufacturing apprenticeship programmes that work. Each student attending the centre will learn and develop the required levels of knowledge and understanding essential to becoming an engineer. We already ensure an incredibly high standard of work based learning delivery in company, the addition of the academy ensures our engineering and manufacturing apprenticeship service provision is unrivalled.”

These are truly exciting times for NITAL, as they are now best placed to truly meet the needs of employers and their apprentices.

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