Pearson is delighted to be able to support GTA England’s forthcoming annual conference at Westminster

The conference comes at a particularly opportune time with significant change in the world of vocational education and training with Tech Levels, English and maths, Traineeships and Apprenticeships all in the context of delivering more for less.

We are all committed to up to date industry standards and high quality provision focussed on the achievement of defined outcomes. However, we believe that in order to achieve this there needs to be an integrated and aligned employability curriculum underpinned by a stable and simple infrastructure which links not separates academic and vocational learning. This needs to start within the school system with valued and recognised vocational and academic learning which equip and prepare the learner for further study, training or employment. The key to success lies in an equal partnership between government, employers, educators and learning services providers.

Pearson’s mission is to enable people to make measurable progress in their lives through learning and to ensure that the learning services that we design and deliver are not just high quality but world class. GTA England and its members make a huge contribution to that goal by their commitment to quality and ensuring the training programmes they offer meet the current and future needs of the labour market. This is an essential element of the partnership that we will continue to support.

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