Quality Review

May review of the most recently published inspection reports of independent learning providers.

I believe that a very worthwhile exercise is to take time to review the most recently published reports in the sector that is most pertinent to the provision that you run.

Doing this, I feel, is the best way to begin to understand current themes and trends, including the time between inspections.

I’m sure that you all know that you can search Ofsted reports by date and provision type and I have done this for the last month.

Summary analysis is:

  • There were 8 reports of independent learning providers published
  • 7 of the 8 were full inspections, though 3 were previously graded as good
  • 2 providers improved their grade from RI to good
  • 2 maintained their grade (1 still requires improvement)
  • 3 providers saw their provision decline by 1 grade (2 from good, 1 from RI)

As I have previously said, training providers are extremely likely to be able to demonstrate that they are meeting SASE requirements, so this issue should be added to your list of priorities. One of the providers, Training Synergy, was judged to be outstanding for PD, B &W. The judgments are included in a summary report which has been added to the members area for you to peruse. and a summary of the most common areas for improvement are set out below:

Inspection Review at May 2017

Most Frequent Areas for Improvement

  1. The development of English and maths is insufficient (4/8)
  2. Leaders’ and managers’ actions to improve the weaknesses identified at previous inspections were ineffective in driving improvements
  3. E & D, Safeguarding, British Values
  4. Radicalisation and extremism (Prevent & Channel)




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