Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

Deadline 5pm 25th November  2016

In response to the launch of the RoATP in late October please find below a range of tools to support your application following the announcement and the webinars . If you have any additional queries please email

Government Documents

The latest documents can be found here :

Supporting quality and employer choice through a new register of apprenticeship training providers

Register of apprenticeship training providers: application instructions

e-tendering portal guidance  

Supporting Information, Documentation and Events

Webinar Recordings

RoATP Webinar:  3/8November 2016.  This session summarises the RoATP specification, sets out how to approach gathering the evidence needed for the application and common pitfalls to avoid.

Application Proforma/ Guide

RoATP Proforma: This document follows the format of the RoATP narrative sections and offers advice about the typical governance, processes, policies, outcomes and data that you need to consider in each section as part of your application. The document itself can be used to help you draft your initial and final response and ensure that you respond to every bullet and section.

Presentation Slides

The slide pack used in the webinar.

All of these resources can be found by logging into the members’ area here.

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