Some Key Performance Indicators

The focus on peer review and quality improvement activities perhaps is having its effect. In a recent analysis of Inspection results show that GTA England members have been graded at 95% good or outstanding compared to the national average of 59% for the sector. There is 5% of inspection outcomes graded as “requires improvement” compared to 35% for the rest of the sector.

Similarly, an analysis of overall success rates for 2012-13 shows that GTA England members stand at 79.3% for all provision which is some 7% above the national average of 72.3%. Furthermore this is an increase from the previous years position where the gap between the national average was 5%.

A significant area of provision in Engineering shows that the network at 79.4% overall success continues to out-perform the national average of 76.3%. Albeit a difference of 3.1% the 2012-13 performance is an increase on the previous years gap between the national average was 2.7%.

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