The Education and Training Foundation is seeking exemplars

The Education and Training Foundation is seeking exemplars of the ‘Teach Too’ model, highlighted by the Commission on Adult Vocational Teaching and Learning.

Following on from recent discussions  at the ‘It’s about work’ conference at The Skills Show, and the Foundation’s seminar at the AoC conference, the Foundation is asking providers from every part of the sector to promote where they are working in partnership with employers to attract those with vocational expertise to spend time supporting learning.

Jenny Williams, Director of Vocational Education and Training at the Foundation, said, “We know that many colleges and training providers, are working in partnership with employers, and that some are now taking steps to draw on vocational expertise, from all areas of the economy, to strengthen the learning experiences of students. We want those who have taken this first step and are exploring the Teach Too approach to share their learning with other providers.

Teach Too is about encouraging occupational experts from industry to  spend some time teaching, and to contribute to curriculum development while continuing to work in their profession; and in the other direction of the two-way street,  enabling teachers and trainers to draw on up-to-date industry expertise, and in doing so, add value to businesses.”

This call is the first stage of a programme, and there will then be potential for providers to be involved in supported projects to help them further develop their approaches to transferring vocational expertise between employers and themselves in order to strengthen learners’ line of sight to work on vocational programmes.

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