Transition to Standards – Professional Registration

As all GTAs know, the ENG TECH standard is a feature of end-point assessment for engineering apprenticeships.

At the two Members’ days in July we heard about the wider benefits of professional registration from the three-key engineering professional bodies, IMechE, IET and Royal Aeronautical and the process that apprentices will need to work through at End Point in order to meet the EPA standard. This has raised the following as actions for GTAs :

1. To be involved in the actual end-point assessment service for GTAs, GTA staff MUST be professionally registered.

2. The final element of the EPA is the assessment by one of the Professional Bodies to ENG TECH Standards. To fully prepare apprentices for their EPA, tutors and trainers MUST therefore be able to help Apprentices prepare their portfolio and evidence to meet Professional Body ENG TECH Standards.

3. The obvious route to support successful EPA is:

for tutors and trainers to be professionally ENG TECH registered themselves.

for apprentices to join a professional body at the start of their apprenticeship and use the resources available to them to prepare a comprehensive portfolio of evidence.


Do you know which of your GTA training and tutor team already hold ENG TECH? If not:

take a staff census

use the webinars below to get your team and apprentices ready

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