Trying to be all things to all people?

Do GTAs suffer from ‘heroic leadership’? What sort of leadership do organisations like ours in the FE and Skills Sector need to equip them for the new freedoms in the new FE world?

In its report ‘Leading Learning Organisations’, LSIS asks whether leadership in FE and Skills institutions is ready for the challenges facing a newly deregulated sector. Here are some tasters from the report, with a few questions, to tempt you to read more.

In developing its ‘leadership exchange’ LSIS attempted to deconstruct the elements of the leadership role fulfilled by leaders in the FE and Skills sector as follows:
A leader of learning
A leader of a business
A leader of locality
A leader of people
A leader of innovation
A leader of change

LSIS interviewed a number of current leaders in the sector to capture their views of where we are now, and what we need in terms of leadership for the future. Many of those interviewed highlighted ‘heroic leadership’ as the prevalent style among FE leaders, some citing examples of ‘presidential style’ where leaders of organisations had become such dominant figures that they had become indistinguishable from the institutions they led. Without exception, interviewees felt that such a model of leadership was outdated and not fit for the FE sector now. One interviewee said “heroic leadership models encourage people to come up with the right answer, and in the current climate there often is no ‘right answer’”.

More to follow in the September Newsletter

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