Using video to develop teaching and learning

We are pleased to report that the Training 2000 Quality Team has agreed to be the first to share their practice in developing teaching and learning through the use of video.

Ian Kimberley filmed the training session for our Ofsted event on the observation of teaching, learning and assessment in September; his success in using video as a medium for sharing and critiquing teaching practice set us all thinking about the many possibilities it offers.

Since then we have had more volunteers to try out using video, both as a tool for observation and reflection for practitioners, and to share practice – we will soon have exemplars of teaching and learning both good and ‘requiring development’. These will be shared at the forthcoming meetings of the Journey to Grade One group, and then, where they can be of use for other GTAs, we will make them available via the website. Cate Tunn at Rochdale Training is going to be the first to share her work with us at our meeting on 30 April at MGTS – details on the website shortly. You will find Ian’s video on the website in the Journey to Grade 1 folder in the Members Resources, together with an observation sheet you can use to do your critique.

You can use the clip in whatever way you wish, but we found the group observation exercise particularly good in terms of training observers in making evaluative judgments. Also on the website is an account of our findings at our September event, but please read these after you have formed your own view! In the same location, you can find the consensus around what is best practice, which was another very useful moderation exercise at the same event.

We are very grateful to Training 2000 for agreeing to share their work with us, and we are looking forward to further collaboration among the teaching practitioners within the GTA England network.

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