By industry, for industry

Embedded in industry and with a strong business style to their operations, GTAs enjoy the confidence of over 15,000 employers, beyond those who are GTA subscribers.

Group Training Associations (GTAs) can be found in key industrial areas throughout the UK, focussing predominantly on Apprenticeships provision, and striving to meet employers’ training needs. Although typically specialising in engineering manufacture and construction, many GTAs also offer training in a wise spectrum of other sectors, from business administration to health and social care, to ICT. Whether you are an SME operating locally, or a larger company operation at a national level, there is sure to be a GTA who can fulfil your training needs.

GTAs are distinctive from other training providers because:

  • They have evolved in response to the needs of and strategic leadership from local employers who are directly involved in their governance, and in the development of training curricula and approaches to teaching and learning.
  • They understand the pressures under which businesses operate and how to support them through a highly responsive holistic and long-term service covering all aspects of workforce development.
  • They operate as not-for-profit organisations that invest any surplus in the continuous improvement of their services.
  • They deliver intermediate (Level 2) and Advanced Apprenticeships (Level 3) with a high level of technical content, typically lasting from 2 to 4 years and involving substantial off-the-job training. They also deliver other forms of high quality training at Level 3 and above.
  • Through economies of scale and high quality training centres, they provide specific support to SMEs to enable them to meet the costs of running high quality apprenticeships.

Interested? To find a local GTA to can fulfil your business’ training needs, please select from the options below or click here for the full list of GTAs in our network.



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