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GTA England About us


GTA England was established in 2009 to benefit member GTAs in the following ways:

  • to raise the profile of GTAs
  • to present a compelling case to funding organisations
  • to work successfully with government as a natural partner
  • to improve and standardise quality across the GTA network

Since establishment, GTA England has demonstrated success in the following:

  • Identifying growth opportunities, through work such as the Report of the Commission of Inquiry in to the Role of Group Training Associations.
  • Securing funding for projects to benefit the GTA network from organisations including NAS, LSIS, The Gatsby Foundation, Semta.
  • Setting up a successful Peer Support and Training network, to carry ou member Peer Reviews and provide essential training and support events to help all GTAs be outstanding.
  • Bringing savings to the GTA network through joint procurement.
  • Creating partnerships for delivering EPA.

Our Vision – Shaping the Future of GTAs

Our vision is to shape the future of GTAs focussing on:

  • Quality
  • Growth
  • Financial health

Our vision can only be achieved by GTAs working together.

Our vision is to work collaboratively as Group Training Associations to provide employers with outstanding, world-class, training and apprentices. We are committed to the long term sustainable development and growth of the GTA network and believe that the synergies that membership co-operation brings makes us stronger together.



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