Who Can Join

Joining Criteria

The characteristics of a Group Training Organisation in contemporary society have been addressed in The Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Role of Group Training Associations. Click here to view.

These characteristics form the basis of a framework of criteria against which any organisation wishing to be recognised as a GTA will be assessed.

Applications are also welcome from Employer Academies and Higher Education Institutions.

GTA Framework

  • Not for profit
  • Employer-led Board of Trustees/Directors, including SME representation drawn from local employers who have a sense of “ownership’ of the GTA
  • Members/employers provide strategic direction for training quality and content
  • Ethical code of conduct
  • Provides and holistic workforce development service
  • Expertise and capacity in meeting advanced/technician and higher level of skills needs of a specific sector (or sectors)
  • Mediates between and balances the needs of employers and learners
  • Has physical premises including Training Centre (small GTAs should be affiliated to a larger GTA to share a Training Centre, or have facilities co-located with an employer
  • Engages in “peer review” and shares good practice/expertise with other GTAs
  • Engages with schools, colleges, higher education institutions, specialist training providers, and the wider community

GTA Code of Ethics

  • GTAs must set an example through their professional approach to business and to the treatment of their own workforces
  • GTAs must promote equal opportunities in al aspects of their work
  • GTAs must act in the best interest of their employers and learners
  • GTAs must ensure their assets and funds are not subject to maladministration or used for purposes other than the sustainability of the GTA
  • GTAs should work together to maximise the collaborative advantage to support the diverse needs of other employers and to expand in to new sectors
  • GTAs should only provide services in sectors in which they have the necessary levels of expertise and capacity to properly support both employers and learners
  • GTAs must be prepared to turn down business opportunities that conflict with this code
  • GTAs must contribute to the collective well-being of the GTA community
  • GTAs must engage in critical peers review to ensure the highest standards of ethical behaviour and leadership are maintained
  • GTAs must safeguard the trust that employers, learners and communities place in them

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