What Is A GTA?

What is a GTA?

Group Training Associations (GTAs) are training providers that deliver a unique experience to learners and employers alike: developing and delivering outstanding training for industry by industry.

  • Public-Private learning partnerships
  • 40 GTAs in key industrial areas
  • Employer-subscribed training centres
  • 24,000 associated employers
  • High quality provision, with success rates typically exceeding national averages

For over forty years, GTAs have represented the first truly public-private learning partnerships where employers subscribe to off-the-job training centres in order to provide efficient, expertly delivered skills.

Today there are over 40 GTAs across the country located in key industrial areas, serving the needs of industry where industry needs them most. Find them here.

Typically, a GTA is a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity whose objects require that surpluses be reinvested. There is usually a group of subscribing member employer companies from which senior executives are drawn to form a GTA board.

The resulting sense of employer ‘ownership’ is the engine of a vocational training service offered to a far wiser range of companies and to the communities in which they sit.

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